Old Accountant Comic



Accountant mini comic2

This was a comic I made a few years ago.  I found it while browsing through my old files (I’m kind of a hoarder of my old projects).

I wrote it after I heard stories about bosses and coworkers who would send very strange emails, often about things unrelated to their job.  Why does an accounting manager need a tape measure at work?

If you’re curious about the drawing style, back then I made very simple, plain drawings because I had to ink them in order to color them digitally.  I didn’t use one of those fancy inkwells.  My tool was a fine point sharpie, and when you use such a thick inking tool, you can’t draw anything fancy.

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Meet Kate the Chiropractor! (Second comic of the dimension-handlers series)



As anyone who has done strenuous activity knows, the pain somehow feels much worse the next day.  I took that to the extreme with poor Leo and his wormhole, though it seems that this is a regular occurrence for him.

I am so proud of Kate’s hair, but it was so hard to draw.  I tried to keep her double French braids simple and sketchy like the rest of the artwork, but when I put this page into Photoshop, there were so many pencil marks around them!  It took me forever to clean them up with the eraser tool.

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New comic- Dimensions

c1p1-try-2-jpeg c1p2-jpeg

This is my new series.  I was thinking of naming it “Dimension-Handlers”, after the profession of the two main characters.

Leo and Alex are two dimension-handlers, whose job is to monitor the stability of reality and fix any problems that come up.  In this case, people lie to themselves so much that they accidentally put holes into reality itself.

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Workout comic

workout comic photoshopped revised

Sometimes, it seems that yoga poses serve a dual purpose.  I’ve always thought that toe-touching was a way to gauge how much you needed a pedicure.

Yoga – it’s not just stretching.

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Organic comic


Farmers these days are very proud of sometihng being organic, so I thought, what if other industries got on the organic bandwagon.  Behold, the organic hamster.


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